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Grouping of Ribbon Controls

Boxed Controls

Sample Ribbon XML file:

<customUI xmlns="">
    <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
            <tab id="MyTab" label="My Tab">
                <group id="MyGroup" label="Horizontal">
                    <box id="myBox1_h" boxStyle="horizontal">
                        <button id="MyButton1a_h" label="Button 1a"/>
                        <button id="MyButton2a_h" label="Button 2a"/>
                    <box id="myBox2_h" boxStyle="horizontal">
                        <button id="MyButton1_h" label="Button 1"/>
                        <button id="MyButton2_h" label="Button 2"/>
                        <button id="MyButton3_h" label="Button 3"/>
                <group id="MyGroup2" label="Vertical">
                    <box id="myBox1_v" boxStyle="vertical">
                        <button id="MyButton1a_v" label="Button 1a"/>
                        <button id="MyButton2a_v" label="Button 2a"/>
                    <separator id="MySeparator"/>
                    <box id="myBox2_v" boxStyle="vertical">
                        <button id="MyButton1_v" label="Button 1"/>
                        <button id="MyButton2_v" label="Button 2"/>
                        <button id="MyButton3_v" label="Button 3"/>
                <group id="MyGroup3" label="without">
                    <button id="MyButton1a_o" label="Button 1a"/>
                    <button id="MyButton2a_o" label="Button 2a"/>
                    <button id="MyButton1_o" label="Button 1"/>
                    <button id="MyButton2_o" label="Button 2"/>
                    <button id="MyButton3_o" label="Button 3"/>


Attributes: id, idQ, insertAfterMso, insertAfterQ, insertBeforeMso,
                 insertBeforeQ, visible

 Callbacks: getVisible


You can find this sample in Sample DB 1



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